Are you uncomfortable showing your legs because of varicose veins?

Ventfort can help!
  • Reduced amount of varicose veins and crepey skin make you look and feel better*
  • Ventfort is a natural peptide bioregulator
  • Ventfort selectively affects vascular tissues and is designed to improve the vascular system from the aorta to tiny capillaries.

Starts from $2.58 a day

Mothers to be after 40

Menopause releif, reproductive system and pregnancy support with Zhenoluten

All mothers-to-be worry about how their pregnancy will go. This supplement may contribute to faster conception and a smooth pregnancy for future mothers.*

Mature women have many changes in the body due to decreased production of estrogen and progesterone in their ovaries. Zhenoluten is an excellent product for them!*

As always, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding – use the supplement after consulting a doctor.

Starts from $2.58 a day

Menopause releif, reproductive system and pregnancy support with Zhenoluten

In vitro fertilization or proper preparation for a child?

When you are ready to conceive a baby, it can be useful for both parents to get a medical checkup, start eating healthy and taking vitamins. For easier conception and pregnancy, we recommend for couples to take peptides: the Zhenoluten for women and Testoluten for men:

Testoluten increases the ability to conceive if you’re experiencing reduced motility and sperm count.

  • Prevention of men’s health disorders
  • Prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Normalization of male reproductive hormone levels
  • Improving potency

Zhenoluten may help with conception and a smooth pregnancy

  • Restores the cyclic activity of the ovaries and egg maturation
  • Normalizes hormonal status
  • Improves menstrual function
  • Prevents ovarian dysfunction
  • May prevent fibroids, endometriosis, and can help with infertility

Become a happy family!

Buying a complex of 2 drugs you save 6%

Digestive system support with Suprefort!

Suprefort is a cytomax containing peptide bioregulators of the pancreas. They specifically affect only the pancreatic gland cells without affecting other internal organs.

Starts from $2.58 a day

Answers to your questions

Is it suitable for my age?

We have developed this complex specifically for women from 44 to 55+

It is naturally absorbed by the body.

Are these supplements of good quality?

Our supplements are made of the finest natural ingredients, Khavinson peptides were developed at the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology.

How long is the first course?

Generally, the duration of a course is 1 month.

We recommend to have a 3-6 month break between courses.

Is it possible to use with other peptides?

Yes. Supplements are derived from natural ingredients that can be taken individually, or in combination.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say: 

I started my 3rd Ventfort cycle in Feb 2021. As a peritoneal dialysis patient, I have had blood pressure issues. After my first cycle of Ventfort, my BP levels came down considerably, and they do not fluctuate as much as they used to. It’s a much better alternative for me than going on BP meds.

Doris: premature aging prevention
Doris W.

NJ, 56 yrs

Took Zhenoluten for 2 months along with 2 other peptides to alleviate premenopausal symptoms, which were getting quite horrendous. While the symptoms are not 100% gone, I do feel much better. Thanks to Zhenoluten, I feel way better, hopefully this keeps up!

Susan feedback: Complex for the express prevention of premature aging.
Susan L.

TX, 46 yrs

I tried this Suprefort because I have a bad metabolism. After taking it for 15 days, I already feel the difference! Now I’m almost done with the 30-days course. I see it really works! I have more energy and have been feeling better.

Review from Bianca: Premature aging prevention with Ventfort
Bianca J.

PA, 54 yrs

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