How Gotratix helps you build muscle

Helps to recover after intense sports and injuries faster. Increases the reserve capacity of muscles and promotes rapid muscle growth.

Our clients do 65% more bench press than regular gym visitors because Gotratix gives a quick recovery of strength, a quick build-up of muscle tissue and damaged muscle tissue


From natural ingredients



Do you want fast results?
Take Gotratix and exercise 4-5 times a week.

A quick result is always hard work, after which you need to properly recover in order to withstand a high pace.

Because Gotratix gives a quick strength recovery and a rapid build-up of muscle tissue and damaged muscle tissue, it helps to recover and exercise frequently like a professional athlete.

What is Gotratix?

Peptide complex Gotratix is a 100% natural supplement that contains peptide bioregulators isolated from the triceps muscle of calves. It boosts muscle tissue cells – myocytes by enhancing cell metabolism and increasing their capacity. Peptides for muscles help slow down natural muscle loss and increase the body’s endurance.

With age, the state of muscle cells and protein synthesis activity in the body changes, which causes muscle weakness or slow growth, but with Gotratix, it became possible to restore and maintain muscle cells in the right state.

Gotratix has specific properties that compensate for the lack of muscle tissue peptides in the human body.

Boost muscle growth with Gotratix, a sports supplement that improves muscle mass.

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Peptides are natural and are easily absorbed

Repair muscle tissue damage and boost muscle growth

Delivered to the targeted muscles without the risk of overdose

increases metabolic rate, repairs damaged muscle tissue, improves ligaments and tendons, and restores the ability to use damaged muscles

Improves ligaments and restores the ability to use damaged muscles

Maintain and increase muscle mass with a natural and safe remedy

Even heroes need support for their physical form. People taking Gotratix are always ready for intense exercise.

Do you want to get the most out of your workout?

Fast recovery with Gotratix after training is your road to be a winner.

Boost muscle growth with Gotratix, a sports supplement that improves muscle mass.

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We understand how important it is to have energy for everyday activities!

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Answers to your questions

How long should I take Gotratix?

For athletes, the recommended duration is a 2-3 month period for the first therapeutic course. The initial course targets compensation for the deficiency of the molecules accumulated at a certain age. Throughout the year, follow-up 1-month courses are held with a 2-3 month break, and then 1-month every 6-12 months. Such treatment can support the work of specific organs at the level of nuclear proteins, so tissues function at their maximum capacity.

Is it safe to take Gotratix peptides during active mass gain?

Protein mass gain and peptides are compatible. However, Gotratix peptides should only be used under medical supervision.

Can I take other supplements with Gotratix?

You can take peptide bioregulators constantly because they don’t cause side effects or overdose. Both schemes are effective. This applies to all of our peptide bioregulators.

Client Testimonials

My trainer recommended taking supplements to grow muscle mass, and I chose gotratix. After a course, I can train more often, almost every day, and I don’t feel much muscle pain the next day. I combine taking gotratix with protein powder smoothies for the best result.

Ernest Moser

28 yrs

I’ve been lifting weights for several years, but I sprained my back two months ago. Gotratix helped me recover and start training again.

Russell Marsh

30 yrs

With Gotratix I prepared for competitions. I had a very tight schedule with multiple training sessions per day. I wasn’t sure that my performance would be good with such pressure, so I decided to support my body with supplements. I did great, and now I plan to regularly take Gotratix courses.

Joe Haynes

37 yrs